On Friday, 16th August, Year One travelled to the Sydney Olympic Park to study for their Geography unit, the Features of Places. Many of us had been to the park previously but we had never realised the amazing variety of animals, plants and natural features that make this environment special and extraordinary.

We walked along wooden trails through the mangrove forest, looking down at the roots and trees. We tasted salty leaves that soak up the salt from the water, collected different types of seeds and threw the furry seeds into the creek and watched them float downstream where, one day they will grow into more mangrove trees. We observed some Australian native creatures that live around the mangroves or in the dry forest. We were introduced to the friendly long neck turtle, Petal and the Blue tongue lizard, Garigan. We explored a dry forest and identified the different invertebrates and their homes. We had a visit from a friendly kookaburra as we talked around the Yarn time circle.

Back at the Education Centre we used scoops and ice-cube trays to catch water bugs that are so important for the environment. We used magnifying cubes to observe them close up and identify them by looking closely at their body parts and compare them to some identification pictures. We then observed them using a camera that magnified them onto the television screen.

Most importantly of all, we learnt how important this area is to keep for all living things and it is our responsibility to look after our wonderful world that God has made for everyone.

Click on this link to view a gallery of photos from the day.

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Christ the King North Rocks

Christ the King North Rocks


  • 16 May 2023

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