On Thursday 15th August, 30 students from Christ the King made their way to Blacktown International Sports Park for the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival.The following students represented CTK demonstrating passion and sportsmanship.

Year 2: Emilia S, Marco S, Callan M

Year 3: Nicholas K, Ajiri O

Year 4: Ben H, Lucas H, Lucy H, Mackenzie M, Claire R, Talia R

Year 5: Joshua B, Ashton B, Brinleigh G, Eden H, Aidan K, Anthony M, Maria S, James S, Talia Y

Year 6: Henry A, Tianna B, Caitlin B, Sarah E, Milla E, Noah G, Matthew K, Alec M, Gianni S, Olivia S

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for the Diocesan Carnival:

Callan, Marco, Nicholas, Ajiri, James, Talia, Eden, Anthony, Brinleigh Tianna, Caitlin, Olivia.

A special mention to our Age Champions and Runner Ups:-       

Nicholas K – Junior Boys Runner Up-       

Tianna B – Senior Girls Age Champion-       

Caitlin B – Senior Girls Runner Up

A big thank you to all the parents who showed their support for all our athletes on the day, in particular those who assisted in the running of the day.

atheltics-1 atheltics-13 
 atheltics-12 atheltics-10 
 atheltics-2 atheltics-3 
 atheltics-5 atheltics-6 
 atheltics-7 atheltics-4 

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Christ the King North Rocks

Christ the King North Rocks


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