Christ the King Parramatta Eisteddfod Wrap Up 2019

Congratulations to all of our CTK students who prepared so well for the Parramatta Eisteddfod. 

The children in Drama Club gave up their lunchtimes week after week, to rehearse and encourage each other, as well as spending many hours at home practising. All of our students looked great on stage representing our school in their uniforms. They all tried their hardest and I am extremely proud of each and every student. Well Done!!!

A special thanks to these parents from our school who gave up their time to assist at the Eisteddfod: Keryn Boland-Barker, Belinda Grosvenor, Alison Hollier, Maria Mulder, Shengsie Ge and Greg Atkinson. Without your help, this event cannot be run. 

The results from the weekends of 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 29th of June are:

Ruby A (Year 3) – Encouragement Award

Ben T (Year 2) - Encouragement Award and 3rd Place

Katia S (Year 2) - Encouragement Award

Ava G (Year 2) - Encouragement Award and Encouragement Award

Eloise A (Year 1) – 2nd Place, 1st Place and 1st Place

Jack R (Year 2) – Highly Commended

Andrew S (Year 2) - Encouragement Award

Emily H (Year 6) – Participation

Finn T (Year 6) – Participation and 3rd Place

Filumena L (Year 4) – Participation

Ignatius L (Year 6) – Participation and 3rd Place

Liam A (Year 6) – Participation

Stephanie P (Year 4) – Encouragement Award

Isabelle A (Year 3) – 2nd Place

Sarah D (Year 3) – Encouragement Award

Helena M (Year3) – 3rd Place

Bronte P (Year 1) – Encouragement Award

Sophia A (Year 1) – 3rd Place

Cara H (Year 1) – Highly Commended

Jonah M (Year 2) - Encouragement Award

Kenzie B (Year 1) - Encouragement Award

Dylan A (Year 1) - Encouragement Award

Emily B (Year 1) – 2nd Place

Hamish M (Year 6) – 3rd Place

Alexander R (Year 6) – 3rd Place

Sienna K (Year 6) – 1st Place

Emma M (Year 6) – 1st Place

Jasmin C (Year 6) – 1st Place and 1st Place

Olivia S (Year 6) – 1st Place

New photos have been added tot he Drama Club gallery. Click here to view them.

There will be the opportunity to join Drama Club in Term 3. A note will come home in week 1 explaining what will be covered in Drama Club for the second half of the year. 

Mrs Danielle Atkinson (Performing Arts Teacher)