2021 Term 1 Year 4

Imaginative Writing
We have been putting our imaginations to the test this week as we start our unit on Imaginative writing. To help build our descriptive vocabulary we were set the mission to create a creature and write a description of what our character looked like. We then had our partner draw our creature, following only our description to see how close they got to the original design. Now it’s your turn - read our descriptions and then scroll down to the end of our news  for the original drawing!

Creature 1 - By Alannah
 - My monster is short and in a shape of a marshmallow
 - My monster has rosy cheeks
 - My monster is pink
 - My monster wears a gold crown with 4 spikes
 - My monster has 2 skinny legs and chubby feet
 - My monster has cute, round eyes with black pupils and a long smile
 - My monster has 7 coloured gems on it’s crown
 - My monster is a girl
 - My monster is facing front on

Creature 2 - By Paul
 - My creature has 13 strands of hair sticking on the top of his head
 - The left side of his head is pinkish red, the right side is gold
 - His head is the shape of an upside down triangle
 - He has no eyebrows, but white, round eyes with black pupils
 - He is frowning and has no teeth
 - His body is shaped like a star
 - The tip of the star connects to his head
 - His hands are connected by lines
 - He has only 2 fingers that are purple and have sharp nails
 - His body is brown
 - His feet are dark blue

Creature 3 - By Olivia
 - It has a long snout with a feathery frill, like a crest on its head. The crest is blue and purple in colour.
 - It has magenta crystals on top of its neck, with sharp scales.
 - It has a frilly tail and two pairs of blue wings.
 - Sharp gold talons and golden whiskers on the edge of its head
 - On the snout there is a long, blue beak for the mouth and a webbed frill on top of its nostrils
 - It has legs and arms with three blue feathers at the back of it
 - A frill travels down the back of its neck and tail that is blue
 - There are blue symbols near its eyes

The teachers have been working our brains hard in Mathematics and testing our knowledge of two dimensional space. We have looked at properties of shapes, classified shapes into groups according to similarities, identified lines of symmetry and discussed the features of quadrilaterals.

As we begin the season of Lent we are focusing on the three pillars and how we can better understand Jesus’ sacrifice through fasting, penance and almsgiving. 

Please click here to see photos of our work!

Thanks for visiting our classroom, see you again in Term 2!