Christ the King Participate in Stage 2 Touch Football Gala Day

On Friday, the 13th of September, I had the privilege of accompanying seven children from Year 3 and 4, out to the Penrith Touch fields at St Mary’s, to watch them play Touch Football.

The boys represented our school admirably, displaying good sportsmanship and determination.

Congratulations to Nicholas K, Dominic B, Ben H, James F, Marcus B and Christian M. The way they worked together as a team was terrific. Rather than resting between games, the boys spent their time working on their passes and team strategy.Whilst they didn’t come away at the end of the day with any prizes, in my eyes they deserved a prize for teamwork and determination.

Kind thanks to Mrs Hall, who managed our team on the day, and also thanks to George F from Gilroy, who helped as a ref on the day!