What's Been Happening in Kindergarten

Term 3 in Kindergarten has been very busy.

In Literacy, we have been learning how to write Informative Texts called Procedures. Last week we made Fairy Bread and then wrote our own procedures explaining the ‘What you need’ and ‘What you do’ when you make Fairy Bread. 

Fairy Breada Fairy Bread  Fairy Breadb 

In Maths, we are learning about 3D Objects. We know that 3D objects are solid. We have been having lots of fun testing which objects stack, roll and slide.

3D Shapes 3D Shapesb  3D Shapesa 

In Religion, we have been learning all about God’s Creation. We are completing our very first project at big school called ‘How is God Present in our World?’. We are making art galleries in groups to show what we have learnt.

Religion_a Religion_b  Religion 

Our PBS4L focus has been Care For Self and Be in the Right Place at the Right Time.

In Kindergarten, we are learning how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. In the mornings, we must always stay on the basketball court so that the teacher on duty can see us and help keep us safe. In the classroom, it is important to follow the teachers’ instructions and make sure you are in the right part of the classroom at the right time.  This helps us to be able to learn the best that we can and it also keeps us safe. On the playground, we need to stay in our area and ask the teacher on duty if we need to leave for any reason.

This helps to keep us safe.