Christ the King Perform at Wakakirri 2019

What a thrilling, exciting and AMAZING opportunity for all the Christ the King students who participated in Wakakirri on Tuesday 13th August. This was my third and final year of Wakakirri as I am in my final year of Primary School and I was super excited for the NIDA heats and the thrilling feeling of makeup, costumes, stage rehearsal and of course, the actual performance! As a dance captain, I was delighted to see all of the year’s hard work fully come together into one fantastic performance which we have worked so hard for. 

The night before going to Wakakirri it was so exciting and I just could not fall asleep. I woke up at 6:00am when I had to be at school at normal time. My mum came and helped do hair for all of the other performers, I even got my hair done with a dozen braids and bows!What a perfect way to give me the vibe of Wakakirri and the feeling of performing for everyone that night. The next thing you know I am on a bus waiting as patiently as I could to just arrive at NIDA. The drive was only 45 minutes, however it felt like pain with 45 hours. Every minute was like one hour. 

Finally we arrived at NIDA and we had our morning tea whilst waiting out front. Then one of the Wakakirri stage hands, Ken bought us inside where we had our Waka/Chookas introduction and shown to our dressing room. We hurried to get ready for our dress rehearsal which is very important as we had only practiced in our school hall and we had to find out if all our dancing would fit on the NIDA stage. The dress rehearsal was amazing and the feeling of going on stage again was great. Then after what felt like only two seconds, the dress rehearsal was over like that. It made me feel so excited for the day ahead. 

After lunch we started getting our makeup done. I had an amazing flower on my felt eye. I was a hippie, and so my makeup and clothing matched 1960 related things. We also had flowers, trees, night sky, businessmen and construction workers all needing to be readied for the main performance in the evening.We then had pizza arrive at our room and we all had two pieces. The next thing you know we were on FIRST and going to perform soon. We carefully got ready and did our last and final touches, as dance captain my helpers and I put the whole cast and crew through a couple of warmups including stretches. We were ready, all of our hard work and seven minutes to shine.We all said chookas and moved off to perform.

It went fantastically, everyone remembered exactly what to do and the smiles on all the faces when we finished made it all worthwhile. We went back to our dressing room and packed everything away. We played cards while we were waiting for the other schools to perform and then to all go home still covered in our glitter and sparkle.

Wakakirri to me is something that I love with all of my heart as I have done it for so many years. I love all of the opportunities that I have had when it comes to waka and extracurricular activities that I am allowed to do. When I do waka I feel like I can do anything and just be free to tell a story through dance. I love everything about it, the 20 minutes wait before you get on makes you feel super nervous, but it is what makes Wakakirri what it is.

Thank you to my school for giving all of us this opportunity.