CTK Year 2 Focus on PBS4L


Positive Behaviours

to Support Learning

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At CTK we…
Learn and Let Others Learn

We believe at CTK that it is important to care for self and others by learning and letting others learn. We
believe this is important in our classrooms, on our playgrounds and in the library, everywhere in our


How do we learn and let other learn?



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Working individually

When we work individually we need to stay focused on our own learning and let our friends do the same.
We need to make sure we have all the equipment we need and understand our work so everyone in our
class is having success. By doing this we are showing everyone that we respect ourselves and others.

Working in small groups

When we work in small groups we need to make sure that we are respecting the other members of our
group. We all need to all be responsible for contributing to the work and getting the task completed. We
need to use quiet voices to share our ideas and be an attentive listener to the other members of the group.



Working as a whole class
When we work as a whole class we need to be excellent attentive listeners. We need to take turns in
talking and we put our hand up when we want to share our ideas. We need to be looking at the person
who is talking, so that we are telling them that we are listening. We also need to keep our hands and feet