Living Things and Gods Creation in Kindy

Calmsley Hill Farm

On Thursday the 25 th July Kindergarten travelled by bus to Calmsley Hill Farm.
When we arrived we met our farmers who took us on tour around the farm. We
saw goats, chickens, cows, pigs, ponies, sheep and baby animals. We also went on
a tractor ride. We even milked a cow!
After lunch we watched a whip cracking show, a working dog show and a sheep
shearing show. We had so much fun learning about farm animals.
Farm 1 Farm 2
Farm 3
Farm 4

Eggs and Chicks in our classroom

On Monday we were very excited to discover that we had been given some
special eggs to take care of for two weeks. We were also given four baby chicks.
As part of our Creation unit of work in Religion, we are learning all about God’s
Creation and the importance of caring for all parts of Creation.
We were amazed on Wednesday when some of our eggs started to hatch. Now
we have seven chicks in our classroom. We are hoping some more of our eggs
will hatch each day.
To care for our eggs we need to make sure the incubator is warm. To care for our
chicks we need to make sure they have a warm lamp to sit under, fresh water
and food.
We are so excited to care for God’s Creation in our classroom!

Chicks 1 Chicks 2
Chicks 3 Chicks 4