Christ the King at the Stage 2 Soccer Gala Day

This week, many of our students attended the Stage Two Soccer Gala Day, at Jamison Park, Penrith.This was the biggest soccer gala day we have ever attended, with over 150 teams from all over the diocese! Our three teams were made up of boys and girls from Year 3 and 4.

Throughout the day our teams showed enthusiasm for the sport and continued to try their hardest through every game, regardless of the score or the difficulty of the challenge. They spent many of their breaks between games doing extra drills and training, or just playing small games amongst their team members.Each team had a least one win throughout the course of the day as well as some very competitive games which ended in a draw, and a couple of losses.

No matter the challenge, our teams were motivated and showed excellent sportsmanship. Well done to all of our players!

Thank you to Alec, Noah, Zane, Anthony and Henry, who volunteered as referees for the day. They did a fantastic job and represented our school very well.

Thank you to the many parents who attended the gala day as spectators and supporters from the sideline. A particular thank you to those parents who volunteered as our team managers, Mr Salah, Mr Fitsakis and Mrs Wehbe. 

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