Christ the King Participates in Parramatta Eisteddfod Part 2

Parramatta Eisteddfod – Second Update

Over the past two weeks, I have continued to be impressed by the efforts and achievements of our children from CTK at, ‘The City of Parramatta Eisteddfod.’

The following prizes have been awarded over the past two weeks (25th, 26th of May and 1st, 2nd of June):

Emily B (Year 1) – Encouragement Award and Highly Commended

Saxon C (Year 1) – Encouragement Award

Kenzie B (Year 1) – Highly Commended

Oliver P (Year 2) – Highly Commended, 2nd Place and Highly Commended

Sophia A (Year 1) – 3rd Place

Eloise A (Year 1) - 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place

Alyssa D (Year 2) – Highly Commended and Encouragement Award

Olivia S (Year 6) – Highly Commended

Sienna W (Year 5) – Highly Commended and Highly Commended

Helena M (Year 3) – 3rd Place

Isabelle A (Year 3) – 2nd Place

Stephanie P (Year 3) – 3rd Place

Brinleigh G (Year 5) – Highly Commended

Kaia T (Year 4) – Highly Commended

Mackenzie M (Year 4) – Highly Commended

Alannah A (Year 2) – Encouragement Award

Georgia B (Year 2) – 1st Place

Anabelle P (Year 2) – 1st Place

Olivia  L (Year 2) – Highly Commended

Ethan H (Year 2) – 2nd Place

Tom H (Year 2) – Encouragement Award

To see photos of the Eisteddfod click here.

We wish the children who are yet to perform all the best. Another update on results will be given in two weeks. If your child is performing, please email a photo of your child after their event to:

Happy performing!

Mrs Danielle Atkinson