What's Been Happening in Kindergarten?

It has been a very busy 10 weeks in Kindergarten.

We have enjoyed settling into big school and making new friends. We are learning to be good listeners by doing the 5 Ls which are;

  • Lips closed
  • Legs crossed
  • eyes Looking
  • ears Listening
  • hands in Laps


Positive Behaviours for Learning

When we follow our school rules

  • Care for Self
  • Care for Others
  • Care for the Environment

We are doing the right thing and we might even receive a token.



We have begun our learning in literacy and are so proud of the progress we have made. We are starting to read some readers and are writing some sentences on our own.



Maths time is one our favourite parts of the day. We have learnt many new number games including ‘Directions’ and ‘Clap counting’. We have also been working on some challenging activities in Mathematics.