Vision and Mission

Our vision is to make Christ the King school a Christ-centred community where Catholic values, the nurturing of the whole person, and a commitment to quality learning and teaching are part of our everyday life.

The staff at Christ the King aim to provide an environment that strived for excellence in education and to instil Catholic values in every student who attended the school. Wr work to ensure that our our learning is Christ-centred and as our school song highlights, 'within a community of love'.

We work to promote our faith formation by

  • bringing faith in Christ to life and life to faith
  • striving for faith, justice and peace
  • providing a range of opportunities to celebrate our faith proudly
  • fostering relationships of mutual respect, dignity and tolerance
  • supporting the diocesan Religious Education syllabus
  • working in partnership with the parish
  • presenting opportunities for staff, students and parents to further grow in their own spirituality and to develop a sense of the God within
  • presenting a model of Christian leadership for our students and the wider community

As a faith-filled community, we nurture the child by

  • treating students with respect and understanding
  • encouraging independence, responsibility and self-discipline
  • providing a safe and caring environment
  • recognising and valuing each student's personal achievements
  • supporting and assisting the students to realise their potential.

Our staff work to provide quality learning and teaching by:

  • differentiating the curriculum to support individual needs
  • engaging the students in learning experiences that are positive, challenging and child-centred
  • having high and realistic expectations of student abilities
  • offering a variety of opportunities and experiences to use technology in a digital world
  • promoting and developing the skills needed for integrating Information and Communication Technologies throughout all Key Learning Areas
  • continuing the tradition of high standards

Together, we grow as a community by:

  • encouraging parish and parental involvement in school life
  • extending pastoral support to families through the parish and school
  • working in partnership to meet the holistic needs of the child
  • supporting parent organisations within the school
  • fostering a strong school spirit and identity.