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Parent Involvement

Parents have a significant involvement in the pastoral life of the school.  They are active participants in our school and contribute to the children's learning across the school.

Parents are involved in many facets of school life, including:

  • Masses
  • Excursions
  • Classroom helpers in a variety of curriculum areas
  • Education Week and Open days
  • Working bees
  • Sporting events
  • Social events
  • Funraising events
  • Fete
  • Hospitality
  • Library

Fundraising Policy February 2016

Christ the King School, North Rocks has adopted the use of an annual Fundraising Policy:

The Christ the King School community has adopted the use of an annual Fundraising Levy as its main income source throughout the school year. The Levy is to be charged per family with the fee included on the family’s annual School Fee account which will be payable in installments over Terms 1, 2 & 3. This policy will be reviewed biennially, with the review occurring during Term 1 of the given school year.  

The 2016 Fundraising Levy is $120 per family payable in installments of $40 over Terms 1, 2 & 3.

Social Event Funding

The CTK Parent Committees will be tasked with organizing four major social events per school year.  These social events are designed to increase and foster community spirit within the school both by being part of an organizing committee or by attendance at the event. In addition, throughout the school year, committees will organize a number of Community events which may include a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfast and applicable stalls and other various morning/afternoon tea occasions. Monies raised during the running of social events will be used to fund the event at cost with any excess funds redirected back into the school community. These events are not designed to be fundraiser events. They are designed to foster to community involvement building a culture of co-operation and collaboration and belonging.

Donations to Committees

Year 6 Farewell Committee

Each year a Year 6 Farewell Committee will be formed to facilitate the traditional end of year celebrations for our graduating students. To assist the Year 6 Farewell Committee with the organization of the end of year celebrations and gift purchases, a standard donation will be levied and payable only by the parents of the graduating year. This donation amount will, after consultation with the Year 6 Graduation Committee and the Principal be approved and applied. The Year 6 Farewell Donation will be reviewed biennially in Term 1 of the given school year.

Future Committees within the School

The Principal and Staff at Christ the King School encourage the School Parent Community to take an active interest in the school, its environment and learning processes.

Each year, parent volunteers will be sort to co-ordinate and facilitate various community events.

The Principal and Parent Committees will support and oversee any school events throughout the year, facilitating and fostering the involvement of our staff and school families thereby building a strong sense of community at Christ the King School.

Relinquishing the responsibilities of fundraising on our Parent Body will allow these smaller committees to focus on organizing social activities that are designed to promote family involvement within our school community.

Our social activities will be structured to cover the costs of holding that activity with the emphasis on social interaction in our school community rather than fundraising.

The aim would be to hold a social event once a term that would be enjoyable and of interest to our families, helping create involvement in our school community. These events may include a disco, family film night, dinner dance, BBQs, trivia nights etc.

Gift stalls for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would continue to operate with the emphasis on covering costs only, providing our students with the opportunity to purchase a gift for their parents on these special occasions. Special treat days such as Ice Block Days, would be also permissible with the funding emphasis on providing a treat for our students, rather than making it a fundraising venture. The organization of such activities will however depend on the availability of parent volunteers.

Social Justice/Charity Fundraising

Social Justice activities that raise money for charity are outlined below: 

Term 1: Lent - Project Compassion

Term 2: St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal

Term 3: Mission Weekend

Term 4: St Vincent’s De Paul Christmas Appeal

Outreach Day

Once a term, an Outreach day is also scheduled to benefit a particular charity.

Year 6 Graduation Fundraising

Fundraising Options:

The Year 6 Graduation Celebration Committee has the option of holding two fundraising events throughout the year to assist with minimising the costs of the Graduation Celebration to families.  These events need to be in line with the School Fundraising Policy (e.g., no fundraising via chocolate drives, raffles, etc), and need to be chosen in consultation with the principal.

 Some options include:

  • Hot dog / sausage sizzle day at the school
  • Cake stall

 The days chosen for the Year 6 fundraising events should be either a Tuesday or Thursday, so that it does not conflict with the schedule days for lunch orders [Mon, Wed & Fri].

 All funds received are to be directed to the CTK Financial Secretary for banking. Cheques will be drawn and available as requested by the Year 6 Graduation Coordinators. All funds will be kept under the security of the CTK School North Rocks account under a fundraising dissection number.

School & Parish Events

In addition to the Parent Committee initiated activities, one major fundraiser is to be held. This will be the Parish and School Fete to be held biennially (next fete to be held late 2017).


This Agreement is subject to biennial review. Next review is due in Term 1, 2018.  This review will be held in consultation with the CTK Principal and the parent community.

In Summary

This Fundraising Policy which includes the use of a Fundraising Levy negates the need for the holding traditional fundraisers such as chocolate drives, raffles [except for the fete], walkathons, spell-a-thons etc. whereby families are constantly asked to commit financially. This policy will allow for the parent community to put their energies into events that build a culture at Christ the King that is characterized by collaboration, community spirit and cooperation.




​Funraising Committee   

To organize special days for our children during school hours e.g. Easter raffle,
cake days, food days, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day gift stalls, raffles etc.

Social Committee    

To organize social functions for parents, friends and children such as discos, trivia night, bingo, special luncheons, Mothers’ Day, Melbourne Cup, all geared towards building community spirit

Fete Committee

To organize our Parish and School fete which falls every second year with the help of our parish and School community and friends.

Parents Representative Council (PRC)

Representatives from Christ the King attend a few meetings on a Diocesan level with parent representatives from other schools to discuss parent educational matters.

Hospitality Team/Cuppa Crew

Co-ordinates morning teas for parents for after school-based celebrations (e.g. Father’s Day Mass).

Parent Helpers

Parents are invited to participate in the school in many ways, including classroom assistance with the children, helping out with food days, helping in the library or supporting with Mothers Day/Fathers Day and Christmas gift stalls. Class parent representatives are organised for each class and are a valuable contact for new families, building community and support networks.

There are many opportunities to be involved and to feel part of our school community.  We encourage you to participate in the life of the school in some way if at all possible. All parents who wish to assist with activities where they work with our children, are required to complete the online Child Protection Volunteer Training provided by the Parramatta diocese. The training is completed through an online training module and once complete notification is forwarded to the school.

You must also complete A Working With Children Check. A working with children check is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check and review of workplace misconduct and is valid for five years.

Parents wishing to assist with any school event need to undertake the ‘Child Protection Training’ every two years.


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