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Celebrating over 40 Years of Quality Catholic Education

1973 – 1993 Sr Catherine Maddock chf
1994 – 2000 Ted Langford
2000 - 2009 Tony Calabria
2010 - (Terms 1&2) John Spradbrow (Acting Principal)
2010 - 2015 T 2
Annelise Stockey
2015 T 3
Tony Hughes


When Fr Eric Burton established the parish of North Rocks he immediately set out to provide the parishioners with their own school.

Fr Burton approached orders of religious teachers to provide sisters for the proposed school but had little response until the order of the Holy Faith Sisters agreed to provide teaching nuns.  The order had schools in New Zealand and Canberra.  They sent two nuns, Sr Elizabeth and Sr Catherine, from Ireland.

The school officially began on 31st January, 1973 at St. Gerard’s Hall, Carlingford.  The two sisters with forty pupils from K – 2 had very little equipment but a lot of enthusiasm.  Sr Catherine, as principal, and Fr Burton worked tirelessly to realise the parish’s vision.  Building was delayed and it was not until 12th November, 1973 that the pupils were able to move into the first building constructed on the site – the infants building.

By 1974 two lay teachers, Patricia Taylor and Maree Salkeld, joined the Sisters.  The school grew and in 1975 the primary building was completed and blessed by Bishop Clancy on 8th June.

The founding principal, Sr Catherine Maddock, was responsible for the school’s unique culture and strength for twenty-one years.  The motto ‘Victory through Faith’, coined by Sr Catherine and derived from a mandate of the founder of the Holy Faith Sisters, Margaret Aylward, still drives the school today.  Fr Burton, Sr Catherine and Sr Elizabeth turned the blackberry patch into a very modern and well equipped school.

In 1994 the first lay principal, Ted Langford, was appointed to the school.  Mr Langford built on the foundations and the parish continued to develop the school resources and embarked on a further building program.  Ted Langford’s principalship continued for seven years until 2000.

The community welcomed the appointment of its third Principal Tony Calabria in 2000. Mr Calabria worked tirelessly with the community to ensure that the school provided many rich academic and social aspects for the students and families. Tony fostered partnerships in learning, ensuring that parents, teachers and students had input into the development of a rich learning culture. This helped provide a strong and vibrant community that always looked ahead to new opportunities. That year also saw the completion of the additional buildings and refurbishments, including the Holy Faith Library.

In 2010 John Spradbrow was appointed Acting Principal for the first two terms of the year. Mr Spradbrow started the conversion into 21st century learning, and the need to embed new and innovative learning experiences into the curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of the students. John introduced new forms of technology and devised ways in which to set these technologies into the curriculum.

In Term three of 2010, Mrs Annelise Stockey was appointed as the fourth Principal of Christ the King. Annelise continued the conversion and introduces 21st century learning and teaching into everyday practice. The refurbished learning spaces provide the opportunity for exciting and engaging learning experiences that will help encourage the students of Christ the King to be life long learners.

We welcomed Tony Hughes as the fifth Principal and look forward to him continuing the tradition of quality education within the community of love which is Christ the King.


Comparing Yesterday with Today

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