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  • Video games: effective 21st century learning tools

    The growing prevalence of video and computer gaming by young people has raised health and behavioural concerns. However, many academics and cognitive scientists believe these games hold an important place in learning.
  • Staying safe in cyberspace

    With connectivity comes responsibility – help your children become responsible cyber citizens and stay safe online
  • Educating Generation Z

    Today’s students are learning in the digital age – what does this mean for schooling?
  • The link between gaming and learning

    While many parents worry about their children spending too much time on a Playstation or Nintendo DS, there are benefits to be gained from using the technology.
  • Glossary for the new Web

    It is important to allow your child to utilise and explore Web 2.0, but involve yourself to ensure it is done with care and caution. The following glossary will help you understand some of the new terms you will be hearing.
  • Web 2.0 around our schools

    Many of the teachers within the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta have hit the ground running making full use of the new Web technologies to enhance the learning of students.
  • Technology and Youth Risk: A Briefing for Parents

    There is a lot of media concerning youth risk in online social networking communities, such as MySpace, YouTube, and the like. This article will describe these communities, outline risks and provide guidance in addressing these risks.
  • The new Web – an introduction for parents

    The second generation of the Web, know as Web 2.0, is developing at a rapid rate Quite often parents do not understand the capabilities of these new technologies, and are unsure about how to talk to their children about remaining safe.
  • Keeping TV in its place

    Television plays an important role in a child's life from the earliest age - these days, they're pressing remote control buttons before they can walk! It's been called 'the third parent' and 'the other teacher' with some justification.
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