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Student Support - Spirituality

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  • Religious Education: what's it all about?

    Religious Education is an important part of the broader faith development, prayer life and culture of a Catholic school. So what is taught in the Religious Education curriculum and what do students learn?
  • School Retreats

    In addition to the everyday teaching and learning programs, many schools offer students the opportunity to participate in a retreat experience. Retreats are part of a school’s Religious Education program.
  • The Eucharist

    The Blessed Eucharist has been part of the Church’s life from the earliest times. It is not seen simply as a shared meal or a symbol. Rather, it is a real encounter with Christ.
  • Catholic Identity - What’s in a motto?

    Many people still remember the motto of the school they attended as children. It appeared on uniforms and on banners, and its meaning was regularly spelt out on special occasions.
  • Christmas - Family preparation

    Before the frenetic activities of the immediate lead-up to Christmas are upon us once again, it would be wise to stand back and decide on some strategies for making Christmas memorable.
  • Preparing for Christmas

    For Christians, Christmas is that special time for celebrating the birth of Jesus.
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