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Christ the King is a Parish school under the support of the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta. School Fees are charged in order to meet the cost of wages and general recurrent costs entailed in administering schools. Tuition Fees are set by the Diocesan Schools Board and are reviewed each year.

Tuition Fees

There are some significant sibling discounts which apply to Diocesan Tuition Fees and are shown in the tables below. There is a 25% discount for the second child, 50% for the third child and 100% for the fourth and subsequent children attending Catholic systemic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta, Archdiocese of Sydney, Diocese of Wollongong, and Diocese of Broken Bay.

The 2016 Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees are as follows:

Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees made as one instalment
Per Annum per Student 2017 1st child
2nd child
3rd child
Primary Kindergarten $1131 $849 $567

Years 1 - 6 $1,461 $1095 $732


The 2017 term rate for each of the first three terms is as follows: 

Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees made as three equal instalments
(during the first three terms of the year)
Per Term per Student 2017 1st child 2nd child 3rd child
Primary Kindergarten $377 $283 $189

Years 1 - 6 $487 $365 $244


If you are experiencing any difficulty regarding the payment of school fees, please make an appointment with the Principal, Mr Tony Hughes.

School fees can be paid through credit card, Bpay, direct debit, eftpos, cash or cheque.

Diocesan Levy 2017

$756 per family will be charged to the eldest child in a Diocesan Systemic School for the current year.  This fee will be invoiced over three terms at a $252 per term. This levy is then forwarded to the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta Diocese and paid into a fund for building works and improvements throughout the Diocese.

Additional School Based Fees

Resource Fee 2017

A charge of $200 per child applies for the year.   This covers all books and stationery items, maths resources, art and craft supplies and classroom recreational reading.  This account will be sent out with School Fees for Term 1.

Additional Fees

Accounts will vary according to each Grade. Additional fees will be added to your School Fees account and may include incursions, NSWUNI Competitions and extra-curricular activities etc.

Technology Fee

CTK’s focus is on developing Technology throughout the school. This process involves the purchase of laptops, maintenance and software etc. There is an annual Technology fee of $80 per family, this fee appears on your Term 1 account.

Parent Fundraising Levy

In 2016 a fundraising levy of $120 per family has been introduced. The payment will be split over three terms at $40 per term.

Excursion / Incursion Fee

We have an annual excursion / incursion fee of $55 per child which assists the school to budget for these events. The fee is reviewed each year.  This fee covers all excursions and incursions e.g. Life Education, Book Week speakers and performances etc. for the year and appears on your Term 1 account.

Carnival Fee

We have an annual carnival fee of $30 per child which assists the school to budget for our Swimming and Athletics carnivals. The fee is reviewed each year.  This fee covers all carnivals for the year and appears on your Term 1 account.

Extra CTK Fees for 2017

Other CTK school curriculum activities which incur fees include Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Surf Education, Sports in Schools Australia (Term 2) and Dance Multisport (Terms 1, 3, 4).  These activities vary from year to year.

Please Note: whilst every attempt has been made to bill all School Fees for the year up front, there may on occasions be a need to bill some additional fees such as excursions later in the year. As it is not practical to amend year accounts, parents are requested to pay these fees (if any) separately.


A scholarship fund has also been established to provide scholarships to eligible students. Catholic systemic school scholarships will be granted equitably based on need and merit. For further information on scholarships please contact the Fund representative by phone on 9407 7095.

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