Support Your Childs Learning

There are many ways in which parents can play a vital role in the educational development of children at home.

We believe that parents and carers play a key role in the education of their child, therefore, we have put together a number of suggestions for engaging with your child when it comes to their learning.

Talk with your child

Listen to them. Share the day's events, express feelings. What were the successes and difficulties? (Please seek clarification if unclear about any aspect of your child's learning / behaviour etc. especially given that new experiences are retold from their eyes and can sometimes be confusing).

Show interest

Be interested in their schooling. Communicate to the child and teacher that you are happy or concerned. Listen. Work with them. Interact at every opportunity.

Celebrate wins

Celebrate the little wins and the strengths of your child - each child learns at a different rate and no two children are the same.

Read together

Reading is a fundamental skill for comprehension and understanding. Read to your child and encourage them to read to you.

Recognise your child

Praise and affirm them at every opportunity, whether they received an award, a stamp or a congratulations.

Allow for independence

It's important to allow children to make choices and decisions when it comes to their education.

Start slowly

Do not over-commit your child with extracurricular activities. Start off slow!

Challenge your child

Challenge them to think logically/creatively, these are essential skills for today's workforce.

Encourage your child

Encourage them to take risks and to be confident, to try alternatives and to learn from their mistakes.

Guide your child

Teach them to reflect, pray and to thank God for their many talents and blessings.

Allow them:

  • to dream
  • to play
  • to enjoy
  • to wonder and imagine
  • to live life to the fullest.
  • to know God in their lives.
  • Work in partnership and support the school so that your child experiences a united approach.